Frequently asked questions

Are your toppers double sided?

No, as our main focus is on smash cake photography they are not double sided.

Are the flags double sided?

Yes, they are double sided. Some white might show on the back of the flags as we focus to make them perfect on the front.

Care instructions

When receiving your package always open it from the top or bottom.
Please handle your topper with care as some parts might be fragile depending on the design.
These are paper cake toppers and recommended for one time use.

How fast will I receive my package?

Please check our current processing times.
All packages are sent first class with USPS. please check their website for delivery times. We ship from 45431
Need it faster? Please upgrade to Priority Shipping.

My topper is in an angle

With some of our toppers we attach the stick in an angle so the stick won't show when placed on your cake. Who wants to see a stick if you don't need to.
Insert your topper in an angle as well for a straight look as pictured in my cakes. Easy like that for a perfect look!


All items are photographed. Slight color differences are there with the pic and the item (I always think they look way better in real life then on the picture!)

What kind of paper do you use?

We use Glitter stock paper; after trying out pretty much every brand available until we found our favorite brand. It is sturdy and hardly sheds any glitter, The glitter used is non-toxic. A perfect match for your cake.


Do we resell our returned toppers? The answer is NO. The toppers are inspected and are donated to our local Women and Family Shelter.