Let me start off by saying how stoked I am you are here! 
I am hoping you are all cozied up and have a nice cup of coffee next to you or wine ;)
I have my Coffee next to me while writing this about.
I was born and raised in the Netherlands and moved to the USA in 2003.
The things we do for Love. I married the love of my life and while he served as a Captain in the USAF we moved quite a bit. 
WPAFB, LAAFB, Robins AFB and full circle back to WPAFB. We have two littles. Charlise is 14 going on 26 and Floriaan who is 10.

 All joking aside they are my everything but a girl needs a break!

I found that break in Baking. Loved it, became a success and hated a dirty kitchen. The OCD was not happy.
People loved my toppers and Etsy was suggested to sell them on. Why not right?

Has it been a perfect smooth ride on Etsy? Not all the time but every kink in the road was a lesson learned and 41000+ transactions  later I still deliver 5 solid stars, Star Seller Status and am in the top 2% of Etsy Sellers.
But it is time to take SmashCaked to a different level where it can be everything without the restrictions of Etsy.
So I am learning to become independent with my own dot com and I am bringing all the knowledge & experience here and the sky's the limit where SmashCaked is going to go.

As a final thought I want to let you know I appreciate you reading all this and appreciate you are considering buying one of my creations!
A big hug from Ohio